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About us

We are an enthusiastic South African team with a passion for books.

We love new books but we especially love used books. Books to us become more valuable with use. They become unique. They have their own personal stories. Little bound volumes of knowledge bouncing around the world altering the course of peoples’ lives and enthralling others. 

We believe every book should live many lives and touch many people. We don’t believe books should only be read once or only have a single owner.

How do we achieve this? Buy used books! Join the circle economy. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Bookmall’s ultimate mission is to give South Africans easy access to every book published in the world. To do this we are creating a network of suppliers both local and international. But wherever we have found a book we deliver it to you with the same easy and professional service. 

The internet and online shopping have made this mission possible. To put this many books into a retail store would take up a huge amount of space and cost an immense amount. Finding each unique book for a customer would take ages. But now we can get you the book you want in the click of a button.

Bookmall prides itself on giving the customer the best service possible. As much information as possible. We stand by our delivery times and back it up with great customer support. We remove the hassle of getting the book you need delivered to your door. 

If you can’t find the book you are looking for? Let us know and we take it as a challenge to go find it for you!

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